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Bengo Province
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Posted on July 21, 2012, 2:54 pm
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Bengo province is the youngest province of the Republic of Angola and a kind of a beltway for Luanda, the Angolan capital. Bengo province was created in 1980 when the Government of Angola decided to divide Luanda into two provinces (Luanda and Bengo) to enable both, urban and countryside areas to focus on their social and economic development. 

With a dry tropical climate and an average temperature of 25°c (77° F), Bengo province offers several attractions such as lakes, rivers, lagoons and a 50 km (30 miles) of coastline, whose sandy and unexploited beaches are populated with rare turtles. March is the hottest month (33°c = 91° F) and July is the coldest (17°c = 63°F).

Local inhabitants have agriculture, fishing and handcraft activities as their primary sources of income. Thanks to its fertile agricultural lands, Bengo province has been one of the top suppliers of agricultural produce and fluvial fish to Luanda, including tomatoes and other vegetables to tropical fruits, root crops, catfish and the Angolan iconic tilapia, locally known as “kacusso”.

Most of handcraft items from Bengo, such as chairs, tables, masks, woodworks and sculptures are made of local raw materials, including bamboo, blackwood, cane, bane.

Bengo province has also some untapped natural resources which include Quartz, Limestone, Gypsum, Sulphur, Rock Salt and Phosphates and has a big dense forest rich in timber, which include the Kibinda Reserve, one of the biggest forest reserve in the country.

Caxito Town, 60 km (about 37 miles) away from Luanda downtown is the capital city of Bengo province. Among other attractions in Caxito are the Freedom Monument and the statue of “Tax Payer Alligator.” By the year 2008 the province had about half million inhabitants.


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