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Dala waterfalls
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Posted on December 8, 2012, 3:24 pm
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The Dala waterfalls in the Lunda Sul Province are among the most beautiful landscapes in Angola. With about 60 meters m high, Dala’s waterfalls are situated on the Chiumbe River, near the town of Dala, eastern Lunda Sul province, about 160km from the city of Saurimo.

The sound of the water cascading and the amazing fog from the waterfalls are, respectively, heard and visible from the town of Dala, mainly in rainy season when the river flow increases.


Also known as the Chiumbe River waterfalls, these cascades are best viewed from the bridge built on the river’s lower zone. About 50 meters from the waterfalls is a waterfront hotel to accommodate visitors.

The Dala’s waterfalls should not be mistaken for the Cassengo waterfalls which is also on the way to Dala. The Cassengo waterfalls are smaller and they are on the River Chicapa, near the village of Sathiula, some 100km from Saurimo.

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