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Porcelain Rose
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Posted on December 22, 2012, 12:19 am
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The Porcelain Rose is the proud and visitor’s card for the city of Ndalatando in Angola. About 2km from the city, is the botanic garden of Porcelain Roses, which is unique, in the country.

Also known as Pink porcelain flower, the porcelain rose is a species of ginger plant, with very flashy and attractive flower with a naturally perfumed seductive smell.

The foliage is typically tropical, with long stems and large leathery leaves.

 The blossoming system, which gives its name to the plant, has bright red bracts underpinned by a long and robust stem. Tropical gardens and contemporary values are planted alone or in groups as occur in Ndalatando Porcelain roses’ garden.

The splendor of Porcelain rose flowers occur in spring and summer. In these seasons, it becomes very stylish and ready as an excellent cut flower for durable floral arrangements.

According to specialists it is very easy to grow. The Porcelain rose should be grown in full sun, in fertile soil rich in organic matter and irrigated frequently. The pink rose can be reproduced by dividing the clump rhizomes and by seed. The Porcelain rose plant is not resistant to frost, cold and high winds.

So, if you plan to visit Ndalatando, in Kwanza Norte province, ask your guide to visit the garden of Porcelain rose not just to see and experience its seductive smell but also to take unique pictures for your posterity.



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