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Posted on December 23, 2012, 9:25 am
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Lunda Sul is one of the provinces of the Republic of Angola in the eastern region of the country.  Lunda Sul lies south of Lunda Norte province, bordering with the Democratic Republic of Congo to east, with Malanje and Bie provinces to the west and with Moxico to the south. Lunda Sul province has an area of 77,637 km² and its provincial capital is the city Saurimo, which is located at 1,039 away from Luanda. The climate of Lunda Sul province is tropical, rainy, warm and humid with rain and dry seasons, the average temperature being between 16ᵒc and 23ᵒc. Agriculture and mineral extraction are the main economic activities. 

The Catoca diamond mine – Angola’s largest diamond mine – is located in the Lunda Sul province. Other economic activities are arts handcraft, fishing and diamond panning.

The native people of the Lunda Sul province are mainly the Lunda Tchokwe tribe very known across the continent and in the world because of their rich history, cultural creativity and the preservation of ancient traditions in their arts crafts, songs, folklore and dances. The local most consumed foodstuffs are cassava, corn, sweet potato, and yam.

Wildlife & Birdlife
The Lunda sul province is extremely rich in wildlife. There is a great variety of species of animals in this province, mainly in the municipalities of Muconda, Cacola, Dala and Saurimo, where elephant, red antelopes, hippopotamus, lions, crocodiles, leopards, wild goats and wild cats are found easily.

The province of Lunda Sul is also abundant in birdlife as many species of birds, such as the vultures, swallows, eagles, herons, kingfishers, guinea fowls, partridge and wild ducks are regularly viewed in the region.

Rivers & Waterfalls
The most important rivers of Lunda Sul are the Rivers Mombo, Luachi, Chicapa, Luachimo, Chiumbe, and Cassai. Some of these rivers offer amazing waterfalls and excellent conditions for angling. The Dala waterfalls in chiumbe river are the most famous in the region.

Lunda Sul province has a large airport in Saurimo with runways for all types of aircrafts as well as a paved road connection from Luanda through Malange, and to the city of Saurimo and other municipalities.


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