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Luanda is one of the 18 provinces of the Republic of Angola. Located along the coast, Luanda is the smallest province in the country with an area of 2,257 square kilometres and also the most populated with about 6 million inhabitants. Luanda’s climate is tropical, with two seasons; the rainy season being between January and May and September to December and the dry season being between June and August.

 The average temperature is 25°C (77°F). It has an area of 2.257 km², where 1% of the national territory is 60 metres above sea level.

The city of Luanda is the capital of the province and that of the country. The urban zone of Luanda includes the adjoining municipalities of Belas, Cacuaco, Cazenga and Viana.

Since 2011, Luanda Province is subdivided into seven municipalities which are the original city of Luanda, then Belas, Cacuaco, Cazenga, Icolo e Bengo, Quiçama and Viana.

Luanda, the administrative, political, and financial capital of Angola, is one of the oldest cities in Africa, and the first to be established by Europeans south of the Sahara.

It was founded in 1575 by Captain Paulo Dias de Novais and officially named St. Paul of Loanda (Sao Paulo de Loanda). The Portuguese captain had originally landed in 1574 in the area of Luanda now known as llha do Cabo.

Today the city stretches over a vast territory beyond these areas of historical interest, extending especially far towards the south. In Luanda Sul, residential condominiums and office buildings predominate, interspersed with commercial, shopping, and leisure areas.

The numerous annual trade fairs and the Carnival celebrations are the highlights of the cultural life of Luanda, which always promises lively participation. Luanda has a beatiul bay and many beautiful beaches and is also a host of various international sporting events, including  the Sao Silvestre Race  and sport fishing which takes place in the Kwanza river mouth.

This place locally known as Barra do Kwanza is located at 70km to the south of Luanda and offers wonderful variety of flora and rolling sand dunes. The Kissama National Park and the Mussulo Island are among the top outdoor attractions in Luanda province.

The city of Luanda has a vast network of cultural institutions where visitors can see a range of different events including live music shows, art displays, fashion parades, theater, museums and art crafts shops. 

The city of Luanda is connected to the world though an International Airport  and a sea Port. Good restaurants and top level hotels are available in the city and surrounding areas.


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