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Angolan Cuisine & Food Recipes
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Posted on January 29, 2011, 9:50 am
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Angola has different ethnic groups and each of them has its own traditional cuisine, but the main ingredients used by the majority around the country are almost the same, with exception of the Buchiman tribes, in Huila and Cunene Provinces, whose food is very different from the rest of Angola and the cuisine has not changed in the last 1000 years.

The most used ingredients used in the Angolan cuisine include Cassava, Peanut, Maize, Corn and Chilli. Cassava plant leaves (kizaca) are mostly consumed as cooked greens. Eggs and Chicken, as well as seafood are preferred.

Cooking is done in multiple ways such as roasting, baking, boiling, mashing, and spicing. The most traditional meats that are still consumed in some parts of Angola are those hunted in the forests such as veal, dear, wildebeest and warthog.

The basic cassava bread and cornmeal porridge in Angola is called funge and, along with rice, serve as the base of many meals. Some specific foods and cuisine can be found in certain regions of the country. For example, kacusso, one of the most popular Angolan dishes, is a traditional food from the Norhern province of Bengo. Likewise is Calulu, which is from Kwanza Sul Province.

  In the coastal areas of Luanda, Benguela and Namibe the most used ingredients is fish and other types of sea food, while in the villages situated in Central Angola, most of dishes consist of steamed or boiled green vegetables, peas, beans, cereals, hunted meat. Starchy cassava, yams, and sweet potatoes round out a daily diet.

 The 500 centuries of Portuguese colonisation have influenced the Angolan cuisine, making it very similar to the Portugal’s cuisine. So, The cuisine of Angola can be called a ‘rainbow cuisine’ because it has integrated influences from India, Malaya and Europe. The food is a blend of many cultures in most regions of Angola.
Chicken muamba also includes garlic and okra but adds "palm oil”.  The mufute de cacusso features such grilled fish as tilapia that Angolan cooks bathe in a relish of onion, peppers, oil, lemon, vinegar, and salt. Beans cooked with palm oil go well with this.

Even though the Angolan food is so diverse, the cooking methods and equipment are basic ones. When cooking a dish from the Angolan cuisine, the main challenge will be finding the right ingredients. You can use as cooking equipment the dishes you normally use. However, there are some rare and exotic recipes that belong to the ethenic cuisine and which need some special equipment to prepare. Of course, you can use your normal cooking tools, but the taste just wouldn’t be the same.


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