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Dealing with local people
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Posted on January 15, 2011, 7:27 pm
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                    Angolans typicaly deal person to person and if you are expecting visiting Angola in a near future you may want to learn the  easiest way to deal with the people of Angola based on their culture and believes.
Greetings are very important. When asking "How are you?",  Angolans are sincerely showing interest in another’s well-being.  It is vital to take sincere interest in people and not only in their work.  Building & maintaining network of contacts in crucial to success .
Relationships are deep, long-term and carry significant obligations and duties. Pace of life and work is more relaxed. Angolans never rush to things. "There’s always ‘gonna ‘be tomorrow".  Angolans are hard workers. Time with family and friends is valued. Angolans invite guests home rather than out to restaurants.
No matter how poor a person is, house is considered best to offer . Angolans are fairly superstitious. Belief in fate, luck, spirits, ancestor worship, etc., is common. Angolans are comfortable with closeness and physical expressions of friendship and warmth. Warm handshakes, kissing females on both cheeks and hugging are very common.
Homes are open to family, friends and neighbors. Angolans prefer to be with people, rather than have "personal time".
Angolans are very hospitable, congenial and easy going. Angolans value their traditions. It’s important to maintain formal behavior within hierarchy, e.g. use of titles and last names.
Most of Angolan society remains matriarchal. Time, laws, and rules are flexible. Bureaucracy makes things to take a while to be done and often require "work-around". Historical events and economic factors have resulted in Angolans being fairly risk averse and cautious.
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