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Posted on January 29, 2011, 9:33 pm
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Angola offers compelling diversity and unique vacation attractions that varies by region. Vacation travelers universally desire sun, great weather and a welcoming environment.   By this measure Angola is a treasure, considering its average coastal temperatures of 75° F (23° C), making it summer all year long. Furthermore, Angola’s heritage is indeed vast and this is the land of many rare species such as the Giant Sable Antelope.

The country also offers an incredibly  beautiful interior landscapes, such as the Serra da Leba Pass, the Tundavala Fissure in Huila province, and the Moon-like surface located near the city of Luanda.

With all year-round tropical weather and inviting beaches running from the Northern Cabinda to Southwestern Namibe Province, the coastline is loaded with several bays and some islands, such as the Mussulo,  which are great for beaching and fishing activities.  Angola has beaches near the cities, with or without coconut palm trees, with white sand and warm water.
In terms of beaches, Angola has beaches near the cities, with or without coconut palm trees, with white sand and warm water as well as activities for the adventurous recreation, boating and other water sports which include big game fishing (tag and release only). The mouth of the Kwanza River, situated about 60 km (37 miles) from the Angolan capital, is known in international circles of blue-water fishing games as an excellent place to trawl for tarpon, a large coastal fish that can weigh up 90 kilograms (198 pounds).
It is also in Angola where the Kalundula waterfalls, an awe-inspiring sight located 85 kilometers (52.8 miles) from the city of Malanje is located. The 104 meter (344 feet) tall waterfalls, locally known as “Quedas de Calandula”, are the 2nd largest waterfall in Africa, and it is a true wonder of the world, a nature’s hidden treasure and an important tourist attraction in Angola still to be discovered by worldwide travelers.

Officially known as Republic of Angola, the country also offers a varied fauna, bountiful wildlife, birdlife and an extensive national park system. There are 13 national parks and reserves in throughout the country. The most famous is the Kissama (Quiçama) National Park, which is one of the largest natural reserves in the world.

In terms of food and cuisine, Angola offers many culinary specialties and several traditional tasty dishes, such as the Mufete of Kacusso and Kizaca, which place the country in the list of countries with unique gastronomies in Africa.

So, Angola, in peace since 2002, is a nice country for visitors who wish to explore untapped places with fascinating and abundant bird sightings, awesome landscapes, long-living plants, such as the imbondeiro (African Baob) and the Welwitschia Mirabilis, and many other undiscovered natural attractions.

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