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Posted on April 5, 2011, 8:43 pm
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While you are visiting Luanda, the Angolan capital, here are some stores where you can find office supplies for your needs, such as computer, printer, paper, notebooks, ink, pens, pencil folders, staplers and other office related materials.

 NCR Angola
Address:  Rua do 1.º Congresso, #7/9,
They sell computers, computer accessories, monitors, printers, printer ink cartridges, blank cd and dvd, flash drive, printer paper, software, hardware, etc. The shop is on the same street where the Parliament building (Palacio dos Congressos) is located.
Address:  Rua Che Guevara, # 189/195
They sell printer ink cartridges, computer accessories, surge protectors, computer repairs
222 325 350, 222 448 700
Address: Avenida 1° Congreso do MPLA, #3-11
Sells paper, stationery, maps, diccionaries, pens, crayons etc. 
(located on the opposite side of Sonangol Headquarters)
Address:  Rua Katyavala, #19/21
Dell distributor, has hardware
Sá da Banderira
Address:Rua Salvador Allende, #28
They sell stationery and laminating products
 (near Lenine Bldg.)
Viseu Didáctica
Address: Rua Frederich Engels, #76

They sell office and craft supplies .

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