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Museum of Armed Forces
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Posted on April 30, 2011, 8:12 am
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The Museum of Armed Forces in Angola is a historic building overlooking the city from a high plateau offering a great view of Luanda Bay and the island (Ilha de Luanda) beyond the Port, which houses the records of Angola’s fight for independence.

Decking the interior walls are blue tiles that tell the History of Angola from the time the Portuguese first landed on the country’s shores.

The walls are decorated with ceramic tiles that artistically depict the early years of the Portuguese administration in Angola, which include meetings with Nzinga Mbande, the Queen of Ndongo and Matamba Kindgoms.

Also known as Fortaleza de São Miguel, translated in English as “the Fortress of S. Miguel”,  the Museum is a square building fortified with thick walls. It has a large courtyard with several tourism attractions and a Seaview restaurant with 80 seats.

The museum collection includes a Russian made twin-engine plane and a jeep used by the first President of the Republic of Angola, Dr. António Agostinho Neto. Among other items, the museum also displays weapons, armored cars, military trucks, ammunitions, cannons, rifles, swords and others military equipment used during the struggle for Angola’s National Independence and against the military aggression carried out by the apartheid South African regime, from 1976 to 1985.

Built in 1576 by the first Portuguese governor in Angola, Paulo Dias de Novais to defend Luanda city from foreign invasions, the fortress became the administrative center during the early years of the colonial rule and a self-contained military garrison, as well. The Fortress of S. Miguel is Located on Marginal Avenue before the bridge to the Island (Ilha de Luanda) , and it became the Central Museum of Armed Forces in November 1975, after Angola earned its independence from Portugal.

Museu das Forças Armadas
Phone: 222 372 623

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