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Angola credit cards use
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Posted on May 3, 2011, 9:18 pm
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The use of credit cards in Angola is extremely limited, generally only in the big hotels and at the major airlines.

There multi language ATM Millenium Bank and Caixa Totta Bank in Luanda where holders of VISA cards can get cash.  The maximum amount allowed per day is Kz 20.000 (about $200 US Dollars). These 2 banks have many branches around the city.

More Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are available in Luanda and other cities but they are accessible only to those individuals who hold accounts with local banks. So, you need to check with the cashier or a business representative before attempting to use a credit card. 
Many supermarkets and restaurants accept U.S. dollars but there are some businesses working strictly with Kwanza, Angola’s local currency.

 Despite the government ’s efforts to expand credit card acceptance in all transactions, most of the shops, hotels, restaurants and other services remain stuck on cash-only payment system.

U.S. dollars are accepted for most commercial transactions in Luanda and in all provincial capitals and can be converted to local currency at exchange businesses authorized by the Angolan government.

Angola’s local currency is not convertible on the international market and cannot be taken out of the country, according to the country's customs regulations.  The current exchange rate is approximately Kz 95 to the dollar. Some stores and restaurants accept payment in dollars at an exchange rate that may vary from 9 to Kz 10 to the dollar.

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