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Posted on May 7, 2011, 9:16 pm
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Luanda is the capital and largest city of Angola. It is both Angola's chief seaport and administrative center. With over 5 million inhabitants, Luanda is surrounded by beautiful beaches, such as the Ilha de Luanda  and Palmerinhas. The city has a couple of Museums, in several fields such as Anthropology, Slavery, Natural History and Army, all of them with excellent collections of African arts and Humanities. Luanda also has some historic monuments, such as the   Fortaleza, from where tourists can enjoy a beautiful view of both the city and the bay.

Several restaurants and Nightclubs are available throughout the city. To the south of Luanda is Mussulo Island, a strip of land that stretches down the coast of Angola, and the Kissama Park, whose attractions include fishing, sunning on the beach, cruises on the river, bird-watching as well as outdoors gaming into the Park.

Luanda is currently divided into five sections, the Baixa de Luanda (lower Luanda, the old town) and the Cidade Alta (upper city or the new town); the Ilha de Luanda (a narrow peninsula surrounding the bay, part of the old city) and the slums around the city, and the Luanda Sul, a new key-point of trade and commerce in South of Luanda, far away from the traditional trading centre.

The Old town is situated next to the port, and has narrow streets and old colonial buildings in which are located and headquartered, the majority of public service and government offices, banks, oil companies, import export enterprises, and other economic activities related to Luanda's Harbor. The main avenue is the "Avenida Marginal", a true postcard of the city located on the Bay, and used as Carnival Parade venue.

The upper town is the area where most of buildings hosting the Government decision making institutions, including the Presidential Palace, Courts and other institutions attached to country’s decision making power are located.

The largest and main airport of Luanda is “4 de Fevereiro International Airport”, which acts as the largest in the country. The Port of Luanda is currently the largest port of Angola, and connects Angola to the rest of the world.

The climate is dry tropical, with two well-defined seasons: the rainy season is from January to May, and the dry season is from June to September. The temperatures are fairly stable year-round, with the coldest months being July and August, with averages of 19-24 Celsius degrees (66 - 75 Fahrenheit ) and the warmest months being December and January, with average of 25-31 Celsius degrees (77- 87 Fahrenheit).

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